greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

Two+ Months Later

The day began stormy, but it as sunny before twilight. We it to 84˚F toady. Currently, it's 69˚F.

And it's another of those "nothing to report days." Except that I went all the way to Publix with Kathryn, which is possibly the farthest from home that I've been since this nightmare began. Almost everyone was wearing a mask, and almost everyone was wearing their mask correctly. I got various things I think I can force myself to eat through the stress and whatnot.

I watched a documentary about the development of Fat Man and Little Boy and another about the Lockerbie bombing.

I neglected to say yesterday that I have begun re-reading We Have Always Live in the Castle. Though I think if you've read any book more than twice it's something more intimate than re-reading.

Please have a look at this special eBay auction, a copy of The Dinosaur Tourist that I'm auctioning to raise a little money (a drop in the proverbial ocean) for the McWane Science Center, which has been closed since March 16th and will have lost $1.5 million in revenue by June 1st. Right now, this is what matters to me almost more than anything.

Aunt Beast

5:28 p.m. (yesterday)
Tags: covid-19, documentaries, mcwane center, money, moss, outside, shirley jackson, the dinosaur tourist, we have always lived in the castle

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