greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

"And the fog comes up from the sewers and glows in the dark."

Sunny and a little warmer today, but it's still unseasonably cool here. We made it to 73˚F, I think. It's currently 57˚F.

I can say two good things about today: 1) I went outside and this time went the farthest from the house than I've been since April 18th, all the way to Walgreens (yes, I wore my mask). And finished the re-read of Jeff VanderMeer's Acceptance, completing his Southern Reach Trilogy.

And seriously, these are three of the most beautiful, brilliant, devastating weird novels ever to grace weird fiction, and if I am lucky I will one day write a book as good as any one of these three. Don't nobody tell Jeff I said that, because everyone KNOWS I hate ALL contemporary weird fiction (no, I don't), but if you have not yet read these so.

Spooky told me that Richard Sala died.

I'm not really having insomnia, I'm just not sleeping enough. Five or six hours a night, but no more, and I could really use a few solid eight hour nights.

Aunt Beast

4:16 p.m.
Tags: deaths, good books, jeff vandermeer, not a kid anymore, not enough sleep, outside, radiohead, richard sala, science fiction, weird fiction

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