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Addendum: Poppy

I'm getting lots and lots of inquiries about whether or not I've spoken with Poppy since the storm hit. No, I've not. Christa (faustfatale) and I have been trying to get through on her cell, but the networks are either swamped or down. Darren (tjcrowley) did speak with her late on Sunday, I believe. I've also been trying her mother's home number, but I'm getting a recording that the lines are out. Given that she's in southern Mississippi, it may be some time yet — days, maybe weeks — before any of us can reach her, but I will keep trying, and if I get through, I promise that I'll let everyone know.

I've also been asked by a number of folks to notify the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries about the animals trapped in her house, because someone seems to have gotten word that they've begun rescuing pets. I've not been able to confirm this yet, that such rescues are happening, and it may be difficult or impossible to do so because there are no phones in NOLA, but we're looking into it, anyway. I'm a little skeptical that there's presently much of an effort being made to rescue animals, given that so many people remain to be rescued and resources are stretched beyond the limit. But there's always hope, and I'll find out what I can.

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