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Entry No. 5,998

Today was actually not an utterly awful day. There was this one stupendously awful thing, and also a headache, and my lousy stomach...but maybe it was the sun coming back after yesterday's drizzle.

Today I'd finished the first draft of my "Geological Setting" section for the next turtle paper with Drew, and the way things have been lately it felt really good to realize that two whole hours had passed without me realizing it because I was busy working and not fretting. And then I left the house for the first time in twelve days, and I left the property for the first time since April 18th, almost a month ago. No one out there can accuse me of not having sheltered in place. Anyway, I went to the liquor store with Spooky. Whee. Oh, and then I went outside A SECOND TIME IN ONE DAY!!!!! To take the picture below. I know I've been using outdoor photos, but the ugly truth is that Spooky's taken every one of them since the one for the April 27th entry.

R.I.P., Little Richard.

Aunt Beast

4:36 p.m.
Tags: covid-19, deaths, drew gentry, geology, outside, paleontology, shut in, turtles, walls, working

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