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Addendum 2: relieved

I just got through to my mother, finally. They'd been without power and telephone service (including cell) since yesterday, and much of Birmingham still has no electricity or phone service. But, as she said, compared to the horrific and deteriorating situation in New Orleans and the destruction in Gulfport and Biloxi, they came through Katrina unscathed. So, yes, I'm fine and my family's fine, even if we're all somewhat shaken. Regardless, I may still be heading out to Birmingham late this week, as soon as I finish this chapter. It's one thing to hear someone's voice and be told they're okay and another thing to see for yourself. I'm going to try to reach Poppy tonight, but given that 80% of Mississippi is without electricity and the phones lines are wrecked and cells are jammed, I really don't expect that I'll succeed.

Anyway, I still have work to do tonight. I had dinner in front of the television, trying to catch up on the news. To say that the situation in New Orleans is grim would be a terrible understatement. Once again, I urge people to donate blood or money to the American Red Cross. It's probably about the best thing you can do at this point.

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