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"I found wise men, but I turned the other way."

So...we had more or less continuous thunderstorms from sometime before dawn until about an hour ago, and the front seems finally to have mostly passed over us. At one point tonight it sounded like a freight train was coming over Red Mountain. We had a tornado watch, a flash flood warning, and a wind advisory. Currently, only the last two remain in effect. Our high was 74˚F, and it's now 68˚F.

Today, well, not as good as yesterday, so there's clearly a trend, losing focus again. But I managed to read "The Snow Child" and "The Lady of the House of Love" by Angela Carter. I contend that the latter is the best vampire story ever written and one of the few that should be considered great literature. First published in 1975, "The Lady of the House of Love" is so perfect that it almost managed to render irrelevant any further attempts at writing anything worthwhile about vampires. It is among my four or five favorite Angela Carter stories. And I did a little bit of paleo' reading, but not much.

If you're not bright enough to see that Joe Biden is our only way out, you're probably beyond saving. If you lack the requisite moral compass to understand the vast gulf separating Biden from Trump, you do not deserve to be saved.


Toady marked one year since I began working with the folks at the McWane Science Center.


As of early this evening, the ADPH reported 3,579 cases of Covid-19 in Alabama, with 597 in Jefferson County and 213 in Shelby County.

Aunt Beast

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