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Howard Hughes and the Various Inconveniences of the Apocalypse

Much cooler today, as expected. We only made it to 61˚F. Currently, it's 44˚F.

"The tiger will never lie down with the lamb. He acknowledges no pact that is not reciprocal. The lamb must learn to run with the tigers." ~ Angela Carter

And as if Covid-19 and the Horror Clown are insufficient for our perdition, there are plagues of locust in Russia and Krakatoa is erupting.

So, there's that.

Today didn't quite have the focus of yesterday and the day before, but I still managed to remain more or less functional. It's amazing, given I got up this morning and put on Nitrile gloves and a mask and went with Spooky to the market. That was my first time away from the house since...well, we figured it out earlier, and now I'm not sure anymore. But weeks. We have a special decontamination area for groceries that can't be washed down with alcohol, and I have the clothes I wore segregated from all my other clothes.

So, there's also that. But I re-read two favorite stories by Angela Carter, "The Courtship of Mr. Lyon" and "The Tiger's Bride." And I also read more paleontogical papers. And then tonight we saw Lorcan Finnegan's Vivarium (2019), and if you haven't, you need to fix that. It is superbly weird and tense and...just see the damn movie.


Tonight, Alabama has 3,008 confirmed cases of Covid-19, with 555 cases in Jefferson County and 185 cases in Shelby County.

But at least we don't have locusts and goddamn Krakatoa.

Aunt Beast

11:02 p.m. (yesterday)
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