greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

"Making change behind the counter in a penny arcade..."

You really don't want to know about today.

But there was a smidgen of sun, which is more sun than I expected. And Bernie Sanders is mostly over and done, and that's the best news I've had since...January, I think. I mean, sure, Sanders will find shitty little ways to make a pest of himself from now until whenever, but at least he's out of the running and only the die-hard assholes will squander their votes on him.

Yeah, that was the good part of today.

The high today was 79˚F. It's currently 72˚F.

Yeah, you're just have to learn to see past this thing about me and Senator Sanders. Or give up on me altogether. Them's your choices.


There are now 2,499 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Alabama (that's 0.05% of a population of 4,903,185 people), with 492 in Jefferson County (0.07% of a population of 658,466) and another 165 in Shelby County (0.02% of a population of 217,702).

Aunt Beast

11:02 p.m.
Tags: bad days, bernie sanders, covid-19, deaths, good news, john prine, loss, music, politics, relief

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