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"Your shadow at morning striding behind you..."

Very rainy today, some tornado worries south of us. Here, we only reached 61˚F, and currently it's 49˚F. A foul end to a foul March.

There were things I was going to say here tonight, but I don't seem to have to resolve, now that the time has come. A year from now, maybe I'll read this entry and wonder what the fuck I mean. Or meant. Or whichever. I didn't sleep much last night.

In Alabama, confirmed cases of Covid-19 have now exceeded 1,000, with 263 in Jefferson County and 87 in Shelby County. By the way, my numbers come via the Alabama Department of Public Health.

Aunt Beast

10:53 p.m.
Tags: anxiety, cooler weather, covid-19, depression, fear, maps, not enough sleep, rain, resolution

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