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"The graph on the wall tells the story of it all."

Another warm and sunny day, some clouds near sunset. Cooler than yesterday, but still warm. Our high was 77˚F. Currently, it's 66˚F.

It occurs to me that there's really nothing else I want to say here just now.


As of this afternoon, Alabama has 820 confirmed cases of Covid-19, 247 of those in Jefferson County and 79 in Shelby County. Our governor is still refusing to issue a shelter-in-place order, though she's placed the Alabama National Guard on standby. Selma has a curfew. Maybe lots of other places in the state, too. Selma's just caught my attention, as I have such a history with the town. Oh, and John Prine is sick with the virus and in critical condition.

I posted this to Facebook eleven hours ago:

Here's something that's been lodged in my minds for days: During the 9/11 attacks, 2,977 people were killed. As of today, 2,362 people have died of Covid-19 (30k+ worldwide). In a couple more days, when the number of deaths from the virus have finally equaled and then exceeded the deaths from 9/11, will those Americans refusing to take the pandemic seriously finally do so? Most Americans felt justified in going to war over 9/11 and in giving up most of their civil liberties. With Covid-19, many do not even seem willing to simply stay home (and yes, I am only speaking of those who have a choice in the matter).


Tonight, a documentary, the new episode of Westworld, and more Vikings.

And I leave you with the sippy cup of my people.

Aunt Beast

9:10 p.m.
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