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"Wake up and smell the cat food..."

A sunny, very warm day. Our high was 83˚F, and it's still 75˚F.

I went six days without leaving the house and in that time the trees have begun to look like early summer.

I was going to write an entry about the many responses to that call for story ideas that I made yesterday, but I'm gonna put that off until tomorrow. Too much anxiety and depression for anything like coherent thought today. But there were some interesting suggestions, and I'll get back to it.

Yesterday my contributor's copies of the paperback edition of La Belle Fleur Sauvage* arrived, along with a royalty check and contributor's copies of the Japanese-language edition of Ellen Datlow's Lovecraft's Monsters. But I didn't let myself open the mail until late today. I'm keeping all mail in a twenty-four hour quarantine after it arrives.

Tonight, we watched the first episode of Making the Cut, which is at least better than what Project Runway became, and then we watched the new episode of The Magicians, and then The Vikings.

There have now been 531 cases of Covid-19 confirmed in Alabama, 169 in Jefferson County and 53 in Shelby County. And today we had our first known death from the virus.

Alabama schools will finish this academic year online starting April 6. They've been closed since March 19.


11:23 p.m.

* The post-apocalyptic plague novella I wrote in August 2017, so...there's that.
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