greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

A Different Sort of Cold Spring

A fine and sunny day. Everything is green. Currently it's 60˚F, and our high last today was 72˚F.

I posted the following on Facebook this afternoon:

Ever wanted me to write some particular story? Ever been like, "Why has Caitlín never written a story or vignette about [X]?" Well, here's your chance. I'm having trouble coming up with something for the next Sirenia Digest, and I need an idea. It needs to be something amenable to being a vignette – that is, one scene...or only two or three scenes. Say 5-7k words total. If I pick your idea, you are giving me permission to write the story, and in return I written acknowledge that your suggestion inspired the piece. Just post your suggestion here, as a comment. Anything's fair game. Including erotica, given the digest often treats the weirdly erotic.


As of this afternoon, there are 386 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Alabama, with 129 in Jefferson County and 49 in Shelby County. I fear, at this rate, the state may reach a thousand cases by Monday.

This afternoon, Spooky put together our new manual washing machine (see below), as we usually go to Leeds to wash at my mother's and that is obviously not presently an option. Tonight we watched Vikings.

I slept less than 4 hours last night.

Aunt Beast

4:27 p.m.
Tags: anxiety, covid-19, fear, good tv, green, insomnia, inspiration, sirenia digest, spring

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