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"And the bells were ringing."

Gonna try to keep this short. I'm tired, despite a Red Bull. It's been a dispiriting, above and beyond Covid-19.

Currently, it's 70˚F and storm here in Birmingham.

As of today, the state now has 242 confirmed cases, 91 in Jefferson County, 27 in Shelby County. Keep in mind, bungled Ala. tests aside, Alabama has confirmed more Covid- 19 cases in 10 days than Oregon has in the past three weeks. Oregon have tested ~4,600 people, while Alabama has tested only half that number. Meanwhile, the Birmingham City Council has unanimously passed a "shelter-in-place" order that is now in effect.

I did not write today. I am struggling to get started on something, whether new fiction or new science writing, because my only defense against the fear and anxiety and uncertainty is work.

“I never reread what I’ve written. I’m far too afraid to feel ashamed of what I’ve done.” ~ Jorge Luis Borges

If I owe you an eBay book, it'll go into the mail sometime in the new day or two. I signed a bunch today. Also, Kathryn and I are going to try to get eBay going again in the next few days, so please watch for that. And if you're worried about contamination via mail (and obviously I do), remember that the virus can only live on cardboard or paper for about 24 hours. So, I would recommend setting any packages from us aside for one day and night before you open them, which is what I'm doing with packages I receive.

Take care, and listen to scientists and healthcare experts, not Donald Trump.

Later Taters,
Aunt Beast

9:10 p.m.
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