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"Two by two, hands of blue."

The most surreal thing so far, seeing just about everyone at Piggly Wiggly, customers and employees, me and Kathryn, in sterile blue gloves. It's the little things that drive home the awful realness.

And it felt like a victory when we found potatoes. As Kathryn said, "I never thought the sight of potatoes would make me happy." I've never had so much food on hand at one moment, ever before. I figure it'll be a month or so before we really have to worry.

Today's high was 81˚F. Currently it's 63˚F.

Work wise, I did manage to deal with some email today – stuff with my agent, for one. As New York goes into lock down, Writers House is being run remotely and arrangements are having to be made to pay authors that don't involve cutting paper checks. My agent, Merrilee, was talking about trying to get her family to Maine before Manhattan was closed. I see now that the order to stay inside has been made. And I spoke with Ellen Datlow, who's also in Manhattan. Oh, and there was an editor in Milan, which brings me back around to Covid-19.

Kathryn's parents are in Rhode Island, and her sister and nephew are in Brookyln, and her brother is in Massachusetts, and even though my mother's only half an hour a way, I'm so afraid of contaminating her – because I may well be infected – that I'm not about to risk visiting her.

Here in Jefferson County, Alabama, here in Birmingham, it's all getting very real.

As of 5 p.m. this evening, all nonessential businesses have been ordered closed (and no, GameStop, you're not essential, not even close). That's pretty much everything, when you see the list. Restaurants and bars have not yet been forced to close, but they cannot serve food or drink inside. I suspect they'll be closed altogether in a matter of another few days.

We have 50 cases in Birmingham, 106 in Alabama.

We live on a fairly busy road. The traffic noise is usually annoying, and Friday nights are always bad. Tonight it's quiet.

That's enough of that....

Aunt Beast

2:27 p.m.
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