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"Of the sleep of reason corporation in association..."

It's still raining here, and I had another good day. Currently, it's 51˚F.

If I keep up with the Gravermeister, pretty soon I'm gonna have one of those big beefy arms like Trogdor the Burninator. It'll be my right arm. And wow, but Gravermeister sounds like some sort of German metal band, doesn't it? ANYWAY, yes, I spent another day with Winifred. I did not get far enough down in the block that I struck bone. After about four hours on the air scribe, I'd had enough tiny jackhammering for one day and worked on the cervical vertebra, instead.

And speaking of mosasaurs, this July will mark the 40th anniversary of the discovery of "my" first mosasaur. I'd just turned 16, and I was on my first dig, down near Demopolis. I'll say a lot more about this later.

Tomorrow, I have to finish The Cerulean Alphabet. Saturday, I have to get the very late next issue of Sirenia Digest out to subscribers.

Meanwhile, what I said yesterday: And there's eBay. Just click here to see all the marvelous books that can be yours. Good stuff. No, really. I'm not just saying that because I wrote them and need to pay my rent this month. Plus, when the coronavirus has you stuck inside (and you know it's only a matter of time now), you'll have shit to read.

Well, okay. Some of the auctions ended. But there's still two books up.

Good RP tonight, after hot dogs. Now I'm gonna go watch the new episode of The Magicians.

Later Taters,
Aunt Beast the Burninator

11:38 a.m.
Tags: 1980, demopolis, ebay, good days, good tv, mcwane center, mosasaurs, paleontology, rain, rping, sirenia late, sixteen, the cerulean alphabet, trogdor

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