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far ago and long away

Yesterday, I did 1,214 words on Chapter Eight of Daughter of Hounds. It was the sort of writing day where I had to pay the stunt men overtime, what with all the fire and smoke and violence. It was the sort of scene that left me feeling like I'd not done nearly as good a job of transferring the movie in my head into text. Too many things to see. To smell. To taste. To touch. Too many thoughts. And too much movement. That sort of day. That sort of action. Hopefully, readers will disagree with me. Soldier and George Ballou and a bonfire deep below Woonsocket. I go back there today.

Better sleep last night, so my head's a little clearer.

This particular new Age of Me is a daunting place/time to be.

We had this goofy idea that Kid Night this week would be devoted to the Big Dumb SFish Action Films that so dominated box offices in the mid and late nineties, and we finally settled on Independence Day (1997) and the 1998 American version of Godzilla. But we only made it, barely, through Godzilla, which was much longer and even dumber than I remembered it being — at least a third again longer than any Godzilla movie has a right to be. Afterwards, I somehow stoically ignored Yuna and Rikku and Paine and played three straight hours of Darkwatch. On the one hand, the graphics are a little behind the times and the supporting cast is annoying, but, on the other hand, it's still a very entertaining game. Sort of Underworld and Vampire: The Masquerade meets a spaghetti western. Fast-paced, gory, spooky sound FX, campy monsters, responsive controls. I like it. Story mode is apparently quite short, so I expect the finish it in only another day or two, then it's back to Spira.

There's a new chapter of Boschen and Nesuko online, but I've not had a chance to read it yet.

Before I start making the day's doughnuts, the platypus I direct you to the eBay auctions. Bid or buy. Either way. Thanks. Cause, I gotta tell you, the platypus is looking a little ragged.

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