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Bad TV Gets Worse

Sunny today, but chilly. After a very mild December and January, February's decided to play at winter. Currently, it's 41˚F.

So I forced myself to sit through all ten episodes of Amazon's new series Hunters, which all together comes to something like eleven hours. You want to see just how bad bad television can be? This is it. And watching Hunters, I kept spinning these marvelous, elegant sentences in my head – or so I imagined them – with which to gut this piece of shit. But in the end, that's all it is, a silly piece of shit, and as such it is not really worthy of the time and energy. I'm not sure what's worse. The bad history (that sorta pretends at revisionism), or the idea that there's really nothing wrong with vigilantism, murder, and torture (it just depends what side you're on), or the crappy writing. But it's a marriage that should not be suffered, and I'm not sure why I did. The whole masochism thing, I suppose. Whoever green lit this, if there is justice, and we know there isn't, he or she will be driving for Uber or Lyft or who the fuck ever this time next week.

Yeah, what was in my head was far more articulate. I think I'm too angry to be articulate.

Other than that, it's been a couple of shitty days.

But please, please, please have a look at our current eBay auctions. We're presently weathering a financial crisis borne of a publisher who can't be bothered to pay me. We have copies of the hb of The Ammonite Violin & Others, The Little Yellow Book of Fever Dreams, The Aubergine Alphabet, and the tpb of Daughter of Hounds. I will sign and personalize any book, and I'll even draw a monster doodle inside, if the winning bidder so desires. Please have a look. Thank you.

Today I finished The King in Yellow.

Now I'm going to fuck to bed.

Aunt Beast

12:21 p.m. (yesterday)
Tags: amazon, assholes, bad tv, cooler weather, ebay, ferns, idiots, money, nazis from the moon, propaganda

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