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"Neither one is equal to the challenge of the freak we'll call the bee of the bird of the moth..."

I think I am too entirely tired for a journal entry tonight. Weather? It's cold again. Currently, 44˚F, windchill 38˚F.

McWane? Good day, but I worked my butt off. I finished the jugal, and it looks great. I made significant progress on a cervical vertebra. I spent another four hours on the air scribe...which is why I'm so tired and sore.

I came across this idiotic declaration this morning, and I posted it to Facebook:

Left-leaning people produce art. Right-leaning people appropriate art.

Yeah, some twit-wit actually said that. And I, fool that I fucking am, pointed out what a stupid, wrongheaded comment it was and cited Ray Bradbury* as evidence, as if any evidence is needed, as if the wrongheadedness and ignorance and stupidity isn't self-evident. And so people said a lot of even stupider shit, compounding the original act of stupidity, and I didn't have time to deal with the nonsense and finally took it down. The stupid wins.


As I said last night and night before, we're trying to bring in a little money from eBay while I wait on an overdue check. So, first up, a copy of Das ertrinkende Mädchen, the SOLD OUT ON PUBLICATION German-language edition of The Drowning Girl: A Memoir. Plus! A copy of the ALSO SOLD OUT Subterranean Press edition of Houses Under the Sea: Mythos Tales. Please have a look, and thanks.

Aunt Beast

3:21 p.m.

* He was the first who came to mind, almost randomly, of the hundreds of conservative writers, musicians, actors, painters, and so forth that I could have listed that this person seems to want to pretend have never existed.
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