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Planet Caitlín, and so it goes.

Rain, rain, rain. And still three more days of rain to come. Already, all the local river and creeks are in flood, with Spooky aptly described as looking like a raging torrent of Yoo-hoo. The flood warning continues all night, with a watch all day and night tomorrow. Currently, it's 59˚F.

Really not much to say about today.

But Spooky and I are giving Black Desert Online a try. I tried to give is a try back in 2016, but the Asus just wasn't up to it. The Dell I got in 2018 is doing much, much better. It's a gorgeous game, but the learning curve is...steep.

The cough continues.

Tonight we finished Locke & Key, and it stayed watchable to the very end, even though it became increasingly afflicted with stupidity. I think the target age group for the series ought to be about thirteen, even if the show's creators were aiming for twenty somethings.

Later Taters,
Aunt Beast

7:39 p.m.
Tags: 2016, 2018, black desert online, blah days, gaming, mmorpg, rain, television, the asus, the cough, the dell

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