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Howard Hughes and the Terrible Lizards

A wild night here in Alabama last night, and we had a tornado touch down not far from us. I knew yesterday was tornado weather. I lay awake half the night listening to the rain and thunder. It was cooler today, with the high at only 50˚F, and get this. We might see snow showers tonight. But by Monday we'll be back in the high 60s˚F. Currently, it's 42˚F.

It was a very good day at McWane today, in part because of stuff I probably won't be able to talk about for a while. But I worked on Winifred, and the jacket we made yesterday came out excellent. I talked with both Jun and Drew about various future projects (TBA, whenever). Drew gave me a lecture on turtles, and I gave him one on mosasaurs.

There were hot dogs for dinner.

Spooky got me an Elsa Pez dispenser.

Tonight, we watched Edward Norton's Motherless Brooklyn (2019), with I thought was genuinely splendid.

I should try to get some sleep. Jun told me twice today that I looked tired. Anyway, I leave you with these images of RMM 1224, a little gem all tangled up in my early years in paleontology. Maybe I'll tell that story someday. Tomorrow, though, I gotta finish The Cerulean Alphabet and get Sirenia Digest #168 put together.

Later Taters,

3:40 p.m.
Tags: dinosaurs, drew gentry, frozen, good days, good movies, jun ebersole, mcwane center, mosasaurs, sirenia late, snow, the cerulean alphabet, thunderstorms, tornadoes, turtles, weird weather

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