greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

Entry No. 5,901

A brilliant sunrise, the sun through the fog rising off the river, fog and frost and mist, and finally a sunny day. Currently, it's 50˚F.

Today, I did another five sections of The Tindalos Asset. I'm more than half way through the ms. I have some vague hope I'll hit the deadline. Also, today did their cover reveal. The little write-up somehow failed to mention that I have ever written a single novel. Go figure.

Spooky and I played all the way through the lastest "living story" chapter of Guild Wars 2.

Tonight, I am very tired.

Did I mention I was pleased with the way that Netflix wrapped up The Ranch? Have I mentioned the amazingly splendid Reprisal, now streaming on Hulu?

How about my knee pain?

Aunt Beast

9:03 p.m.
Tags: cover art, editing, fog, good tv, gw2, my bad knee, pain, proofreading, reprisal, sunrise, the ranch, the tindalos asset,

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