greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

Before and After the Flood (the Space In Between)

Mostly sunny today, but the rain returns tomorrow. Currently, it's 57˚F.

I spent the day working on the glyptosaur paper, which should have been finished months ago. I hope to have it presentable by the time I go into McWane on Wednesday. Then on Thursday or Friday I'll go back to work on "The Cerulean Alphabet."

Oh, and I went with Spooky way the hell down 280 to get cat litter from PetCo. That was fun, let me tell you, though at least we got to see kittens and chameleons.

Back home, I watched documentaries, which, you may have noticed, I do an awful lot of these days. Blame PBS and Dinsey+. Today it was three failed Disney ventures and vulcanism.

Aunt Beast

2:03 p.m.
Tags: glyptosaurines, kittens, lizards, outside, paleontology, procrastination, rain, the cerulean alphabet, volcanoes, walt disney
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