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anything that may delay you, might just save you

A hectic and round-about sort of day, and I still have a proposal that I ought to write this evening after dinner. I spoke with my agent this afternoon, and she is indeed extremely pleased with Daughter of Hounds, which she declares to be unlike anything else I've written. She assured me that the two independent and converging narrative threads are not a problem, and that my ability to write children is more than sufficient to the challenge of this story. We talked about my having been asked to write a 150K book instead of a 200K book, and I admitted that it has probably made the book much better by forcing me to focus on Emmie Silvey and Soldier and keep Deacon and Sadie in the background. That was never my publisher's intent. They were only worried about having to charge more for a longer novel (not an unreasonable concern). But, the way I see it, it doesn't matter what their intentions were, so long as the end result is a book that I'm happier with.

We saw a truly marvelous film last night, The Fast Runner (2001), based on an Inuit legend. I recommend this one highly, if you can find it.

I hope to begin Chapter Eight tomorrow.

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