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Addendum: Did anyone else out there know that Stevie Nicks is 55 years old? Or that she'll be 56 tomorrow, because we have the same birthday? I sure as shit didn't know that. Wow. She's pretty much old enough to be my mother. Actually, that would explain an awful lot.

We're still waiting on the delivery dude to dump the galleys for Murder of Angels in our laps again. But we read through "Alabaster," and I like it lots more than I thought I would. I took a hot bath, ate a hot dog, slept forty-five minutes, and I still feel like ass. I need to send a bio to one editor, and a thingy about what inspired "Andromeda Among the Stones" to yet another, and I'm absolutely frelling delerious.

Bill Schafer called to give me more money, which is, I think, a Good Thing, and the whole world should follow his sterling example. He also says that we can expect the hardback of Low Red Moon in late June. That is, if his printer doesn't experience a mechanical failure and have to fly in leprechauns from Germany to fix the presses, or something like that. And did you know that there are a lot of tourists in Detroit this time of year? Neither did I, but that's what Bill says. They must go there for the rust. Hey, I'm not making this stuff up. I'm not awake enough to be that creative.

While we're on the subject, Catherine Deneuve is 60, and I dare anyone to say she's an old woman.

Oh, and if'n you don't mind a pdf, here's a cool thing. The cover art's by the amazing Ryan Obermeyer.

I think I'm just going to sit right here in this chair until midnight...

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