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Look! Words!

A sunny day, and I even left the house! Spooky enticed me to make the trip with her to the ABC boozery over on Hollywood Boulevard for a new bottle of Writers Tears Irish whiskey. How could I say no? And I picked up a sample of the new-ish Jack Daniels Apple.

I also wrote another 1,219 words on "Mercy Brown."

And we played about a gazillion hours of GW2. And I had a grilled cheese with sweet potato fries and A.1. sauce for dinner. The postman brought new calendars and day planners for 2020. Life is an amalgamation of mundane details.

Tomorrow we're going to see Frozen II, so tonight we watched Frozen again. I am ridiculously fond of that movie.

I leave you with little cat feet. Someone call Carl Sandburg's ghost.

Later Kiddos,

1:44 p.m.
Tags: "mercy brown", alcohol, booze, carl sandburg, cats, frozen, good days, good movies, gw2, lydia, outside, poetry

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