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Best Intentions and All That Stuff

Currently, it's 46˚F.

Today, we had to go out to Mom's in Leeds to do laundry. I tried to work, as well, hoping I could get through that Russian interview and the last edits on "Refugees," but I only just barely managed to finish the interview.

Tonight, a new episode of Shameless and two more episodes of Castle Rock, which gets us caught up to the episode that airs this Wednesday.

Just not a lot to say tonight, but I have some reposts from my Facebook:

So, one more observation, then I gotta work: From the way some liberal folks react upon hearing me refer to myself as a moderate or a centrist you'd think I was wearing a goddamn red MAGA cap, and this is a big part of what's wrong in America right now.

~ and ~

What else really needs to be said about an age when everyone decides that the best color for painting the interior (and frequently the exterior) of their homes is what I have named Soviet-despair grey?


1:07 p.m.
Tags: "refugees", bad ideas, despair, good tv, idiots, interviews, leeds, mom, pigs and mice, politics, shameless

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