greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

"It's a Man Ray kind of sky."

Sunny today. Currently, it's 81˚F.

This morning, I wrote a whopping 1,747 words on "Refugees." I'm daring to hope I can finish this story on Tuesday. But I didn't sign the signature sheets for A Little Yellow Book of Fever Dreams yesterday, because when I opened the box I discovered my name was misspelled – Caitlyn. I have always considered this just about the most odious corruption of Caitlín. Well, no. Kaitlyn is even worse. Anyway, Borderlands has had to scramble to get new pages printed and in the mail to me so that we can, hopefully, not miss the pub date. With luck, I'll have the sheets tomorrow and then ship them back via UPS on Monday (despite Columbus Day). Argh.

Otherwise, I watched two episodes of Nova, one on the Cassini spacecraft and another on wildfires, and there was Dreamland chicken, and then more Peaky Blinders until bed.


11:20 p.m. (last night)
Tags: "refugees", borderlands press, comes a pale rider, dancy, frustrations, good tv, signature sheets

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