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"These clothes don't fit us right."

We are nearing the end of this unseasonable heat, but it's going out with a bang, not a whimper, is the Summer of 2019. Yesterday's forecast was nigh unto apocalyptic, 100˚F with a possible heat index of 106˚F. We made it to 98˚F, with a heat index of 100˚F. Last night at 11:17, as I was going to bed, I noted that it was still 82˚F, with the heat index at 84˚F. Today, the high is forecast for 101˚F.

Yesterday was a McWane day, and it was mostly spent prepping the basioccipital of Toby the Tylosaur. I came upon the bone rather unexpectedly, hiding in a cement-hard chunk of marly, glauconitic chalk, mistaking it at first for merely the neural arch of a broken cervical vertebra, so it was a happy discovery. The bone is only slightly smaller than my fist.

Today, I have a phone conversation with my agent about the possibility of a Dancy TV series, and then I'm gonna try to write.

We've finished seasons 1-3 of Snowfall. It wobbles a little in Season Two, but Season Three is really some exquisite television. The new season of The Connors is very good, also.

Also also, we can all rest easy, because the horror clown says that he's a "very stable genius."

Please have a look at the current eBay auctions and at Spooky's Etsy shop. Money's tight.


2:41 p.m.
Tags: dancy, fossils, good tv, heat, mcwane center, merrilee, money, mosasaurs, paleontology, politics, the horror clown, turtles, warm october

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