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"The very sun of heaven..."

Another hot day, another heat advisory. Currently, it's 90˚F, with the heat index at 95˚F.

On this day in 1890, H.P. Lovecraft was born. That makes this his 129th birthday, though he died relatively young in 1937. Raise a cup to the Old Gent today.

There's a forthcoming announcement from Borderlands Press about a little book I've done with them...only it looks like it may be sold out before it's even announced. But I'll keep you posted, regardless.

It occurs to me that the birthday of HPL is a fine day, indeed, to order your copy of the Subterranean Press edition of Houses Under the Sea: Mythos Tales, due out September 30th.

Also, please have a look at the current eBay auctions. There's a copy of the ARC (advance reading copy) of The Ammonite Violin & Others (2010) that I'll be drawing a couple of ammonites it, so...that's special, right? Plus, here's a link to Spooky's Dreaming Squid Etsy shop, where she's gonna be putting up Halloween goodies of her own design.

Later Cthulhutaters,

10:50 a.m. (my modest HPL shrine)
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