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Imagine a world without subject lines.

Blazing hot today. We had a heat advisory. The high was 96˚F, but the heat index reached 103˚F. Currently, it's still 85˚F, with the heat index at 90˚F, and we have another heat advisory for tomorrow.

I don't really have anything much to say about today.

Except, if you're an admirer of Stephen King's Pet Sematary (1986), or at least a fan of the 1989 Mary Lambert film adaptation, do yourself a favor and avoid the new Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer version. It's an aggressively stupid film, with no respect whatsoever for the source material. It's all jump scares and shitty acting and inexplicable directorial decisions. Stay away.

Oh, I almost forgot. Library Journal gave Houses Under the Sea: Mythos Tales a starred review.


1:38 p.m.
Tags: alabama, bad movies, heat, houses under the sea, mythos tales, pet sematary, reviews, stephen king, subterranean press, summer

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