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Zombies and Zomdon'ts

Sunny and hot today. The cicadas are singing tonight. Currently, it's 78˚F, with the heat index at 81˚F.

I slept a solid six and a half hours last night. It was wonderful.

Today, we saw Jim Jarmusch's The Dead Don't Die (my birthday present to Spooky), and, truthfully, I was very worried we weren't going to enjoy it. There's been so much naysaying and kvetching and disdain, I was afraid maybe this wouldn't be one of the good Jarmusch films. But I knew before the film's first scene was over this was not the case. We both loved it and found it very, very funny, but if you're not into Jarmusch's ultra-deadpan brand of comedy or a zombie film this unrelentingly wacky or into metafictional elements might not be your cup of tea. But as far as I'm concerned, Tilda Swinton's performance alone is worth the price of admission.

Tomorrow, I have a long day at McWane, and I need to spend the rest of the week of the glyptosaur paper, and then it's back to fiction on Monday.

Please have a look at the current eBay auctuons. Thank you.


2:45 p.m.
Tags: cicadas, comedy, glyptosaurines, good movies, jim jarmusch, lizards, mcwane, sleep, spooky's bday, tilda swinton, zombies

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