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"A double-fisted queen of terror."

It's a beautiful evening here in Birmingham, sunset turning the tops of the clouds pink and violet. Currently, it's 86˚F, with the heat index at 89˚F.

Today was supposed to be a McWane day. I had ambitions of finishing with the coronoid and the splenial both today, finishing the mechanical prep work and the acid bath and so forth. But then I didn't sleep last night. At best, I slept two and a half hours, and those were broken up and piecemeal. And the last thing I was gonna try to do on two and a half hours of sleep was handle incredibly delicate 85 million year old bones (and dental tools and dangerous chemicals). So, I finally got up about, I don't know, 8 a.m., and I called the lab and let Jun know that I would not be coming in, thank you Monsieur Insomnia, you motherfucker. I'll give it another try on Monday.

By the way, no, I'm not being paid for my work at McWane. Someone asked. This is science for the sake of and love of science. My sole source of income remains my fiction writing.

The day was a blur, a far less than awake blur. We went to an Asian market out on Valley Road, which actually was called Super Oriental Market, and there were all sorts marvelously weird noodles and candy and porcelain maneki-neko figurines. Spooky got some green tea flavored Kit Kat bars, but that was all. They're actually green. Then we had to stop at the market for peanut butter and mouthwash and Gatorade and whatnot. It's a goddamn glamorous life, I tell you what.

Oh, yesterday, I helped Spooky move the last few boxes from our small storage unit into our large storage unit (long story), so that we can save about $60/month. There a lot of economizing going in around here.

A special thank you to the very, very generous Bill Schafer, who time and again has come along to pull my butt from out the fire.

“I used to be somebody, now I’m somebody else” ~ Bad Blake, Crazy Heart (I ought to have this tattooed on my other arm.)

Today, I went back to David Lynch's autobiography, Room to Dream, which I'd set aside while I finished "Requiem."

Please have a look at the current eBay auctions. Good stuff, which I will sign and personalize. Also, it's still not too late to have a look at Spooky's birthday wishlist. One day, I will not be fucking broke on her birthday and I'll get her that goddamn Meezer ranch she's been wanting:

My Wish List

Later Kittens,

9:01 a.m.
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