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Caold Snap

As in, we're having one. Well, okay, not cold. But I don't think we even made it to 80˚F toady, or if we did, not much past. Currently, it's 75˚F, and we're going down to 61˚F. Tomorrow, night, the low is supposed to be 58˚F.

Today, I did 1,324 words on the second new Dancy story (title in flux). I don't think I have much more than two days work to go on it, and that will finish up the stories for the forthcoming second Dancy Flammarion collection (title and release date TBA, so don't ask). And I emailed Bill and Yanni at SubPress. And I spent some time sorting through some of my personal fossil collection, much of which I'm donating to McWane, mostly stuff I collected between 1998 and 2002. Oh, and Spooky braved traffic on 280 to get me a new external HD, which I need for paleo'/museum stuff.

All in all, Spooky had a really crappy day, but that's not for me to elaborate upon.

Tonight, new episodes of Pose and Deadliest Catch.

And before I forget (again), Spooky's birthday is coming up fast (24th of June), and here's the button thingy for her Amazon wish list, should anyone be so inclined. Thank you. Oh, and here's the eBay link, too.

My Wish List

And tomorrow is a McWane day.


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