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Addendum 2: correction and a link

Yesterday I said that people who ordered the limited edition of Frog Toes and Tentacles would receive both the False Starts chapbook and the Narcissa broadside. That's not true. I screwed up. Here's the deal:

Order the limited edition of FT&T and you get only the False Starts chapbook.

Order the limited hardback edition of Subterranean magazine #2 and you get both the Merewife chapbook and the Narcissa broadside. The broadside will accompany the magazine's limited edition, not that of FT&T. Apologies for any and all confusion.

Also, Gwenda Bond wrote to say that "Beatrice picked up on your post from the other day and publisher Richard Nash at Soft Skull Press puts some numbers (depressing numbers) to EW reviews in service of a larger point." Here's the link. Cheerful frelling stuff.

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