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"I've been in my mind. It's such a fine line."

Given I only slept about three and a half hours last night, today went pretty good. I think we actually passed from warm weather to hot weather. The high was 86˚F, and I expect there was a heat index.

Today was the second anniversary of Hubero's death. I didn't realize it until Spooky reminded me tonight.

I finally got up at 7:25 this morning. I proofed "Metamorphosis C" and laid out Sirenia Digest 159. I sent it to Gordon, and he made a PDF from it, and then Spooky emailed it to all the subscribers. I read "Paleogene snakes of Mississippi," more research reading, and I tracked down three other papers on palaeophiid snakes to be read later.

I talked (on the phone, go me) with Jun Ebersole at the McWane Center. I'll be there again on Wednesday, in part to see Dr. David Schwimmer, a colleague and an old acquaintance (really, since about 1981) who's driving up from Columbus University in Georgia to talk dinosaurs.

Spooky made jambalaya for dinner.

It's time to get back to work on The Tindalos Asset, probably on Thursday. Time to polish it good and proper.

Later Taters,

6:24 p.m.
Tags: "metamorphosis c", 1981, 2017, columbus, dave schwimmer, deaths, editors, frank dicksee, georgia, hubero, jun ebersole, loss, mcwane center, mississippi, paleontology, snakes, the tindalos asset, warmer weather

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