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I forget that, with only rare exceptions, I have, over the last twenty years or so, come to loathe bookstores. I forget how, more often than not, they just make me feel shitty and angry. I need some sort of a reminder, a string tied always about my thumb, so that excepting occasional used bookstores, I will always stay clear of them. Today, I went to Books-A-Million, and that's one reason it was a very, very miserable day.

No work today. Of any sort. It was an utterly lost day. And the weather was crap, just to make the picture seamless.

Okay, well...there was one good thing. Biden had finally announced his candidacy for President. There was that.

The shittiness of today actually began late yesterday afternoon, then sprawled over into today. I have to find a way to pull out of it by tomorrow.

Oh, and last night we watched Bohemian Rhapsody.

Blah, blah, blah.

Tonight's photo is of the only part of the bookstore that didn't piss me off.

Please check out this Very Special Ebay Auction we've got going on. Subterranean Press is letting us action ONE and ONLY ONE advance-reading copy of their forthcoming edition of Houses Under the Sea: Mythos Tales before the book is released. And I'm going to emeblish many of the pages with doodles of Lovecraftian-ish monstrosities and prehistoric critters (like trilobites, ammonites, and crinoids). All proceeds go to shit not being free. The auction ends on Sunday, before Game of Thrones (because we're thoughtful like that).


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Tags: anger, bad days, books, depression, joe biden, lost days, politics, rain

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