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Howard Hughes and the Groovy Lizards

I think I'm just about through this bug. I slept well, and it was a fine spring day. We made it to 83˚F. My window's still open, and my nose is almost clear enough that I can smell the night.

Today, I did a very extensive revision of Section 14 of The Tindalos Asset. There another couple of sections in need of revisions, and two new sections I need to write, and then a thorough polish of the whole manuscript...and then it will be "finished." It would be really fucking good if I could manage all that by, say, Saturday evening.

Once again, Sirenia Digest is gonna be late, and that's just the way the platypus crumbles.

After the writing work today, I began reading "Revision of the Paleogene genus Glyptosaurus (Reptilia: Anguidae)." I made it eleven pages before I finally ran out of steam and had to go lie down.

Tomorrow, I'll have more energy.

After last night's LJ entry, we watched Joe Dante's unexpectedly charming Matinee (1993). Tonight, we're watching Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume Two and Avengers: Infinity War, in preparation for Avengers: Endgame.

Meanwhile, you guys need to check out this Very Special Ebay Auction we've got going on. Subterranean Press is letting us action ONE and ONLY ONE advance-reading copy of their forthcoming edition of Houses Under the Sea: Mythos Tales before the book is released. And I'm going to emeblish many of the pages with doodles of Lovecraftian-ish monstrosities and prehistoric critters (like trilobites, ammonites, and crinoids). All proceeds go to shit not being free. The auction ends on Sunday, before Game of Thrones (because we're thoughtful like that).

Later Taters,

3:27 p.m.
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