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Wasted Day

Bad thunderstorms tonight, and heavy rain. Currently, it's 63˚F.

Today, i was supposed to visit the collection at the State Museum in Tuscaloosa, but Spooky was feeling under the weather, and the the other sort of weather went to shit, and so I'm having to reschedule. As a result, I really did nothing today. Maybe that was a sort of protest against happenstance.

Tomorrow, I have to get to work editing The Tindalos Asset, and I have signature sheets from Subterranean Press for the new edition of Houses Under the Sea: Mythos Tales.

Please have a look at the current eBay auctions. Because shit ain't free.


5:42 p.m.
Tags: houses under the sea, lost days, mythos tales, paleontology, signature sheets, subterranean press, the tindalos asset, thunderstorms, tuscaloosa

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