greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

"Oh, a turn of events. Your partner calls it a coincidence."

We went at least to 83˚F today, before the heat index. It was marvelous. The world is warm and thoroughly green. Currently, it's 67˚F, and my office window is open.

The day didn't go at all as I'd planned, but it might have gone worse. I sold a couple of stories. I mailed a contract. I got encouraging feedback from my editor at Tor. I read more papers on Globidens. I started Larry McMurtry's Folly and Glory. I played GW2. Could have been a lot worse.

I went with Spooky to Publix. We had tuna fish sandwiches for dinner. Oh, and hot cookies later on.


2:37 p.m.
Tags: larry mcmurtry, mosasaurs, outside, spring, sunshine, trees

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