greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

"Messages from Invisible Sources."

Mostly cloudy today, but we came near to 80˚F. Currently, there's a fine thunderstorm rolling through the valley, and it's 74˚F.

Yesterday was a loss, as I'd hardly slept three hours the night before. But I got seven good hours last night. Today, I wrote 1,320 words on the story that still has no title. I mean to finish it tomorrow.

Last night, new episodes of Project Runway and RuPaul's Drag Race, though I fear I was in no shape for either one; it was shame to see Scarlet Envy go, though. Afterwards, we watched Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse for the second time. It was even more amazing that I remembered. I was in bed before midnight, which never happens.

Please have a look at the current eBay auctions. Each book will come with a FREE one-of-a-kind monster doodle, by my own hand. Have a look.


5:09 p.m.
Tags: "which describes a looking-glass", drag, good movies, good tv, insomnia, monster doodles, project runway, rupaul's drag race, spider-man, thunderstorms

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