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"My odds are stacked. I'll go back to black."

I think we almost went to 80˚F today. So, in true Alabama spring form, tomorrow's forecast high is only 57˚F. After thunderstorms tonight.

At best, I slept only three hours last night. I still managed to write about 500 words today, may all have been crap. So, yes, Sirenia Digest will be a few days late this month. It couldn't be helped, as I had to keep the momentum on The Tindalos Asset moving once I got it, but I do apologize, all the same.

“I like the paper. Writing, like every art, is a sensual art.” ~ Aharon Appelfeld

“I’m not terribly interested in storytelling, and few books appeal to me on the grounds of their subject matter. What I remember is scenes, constellations, how the characters are arranged in relation to each other.” ~ Dag Solstad

We're getting caught up on Season Fourteen on Deadliest Catch, and tonight we watched the first three episodes of the new season of Project Runway, which has gone home to Bravo and been allowed to lose the drama and be about design again. Yes, I like it. A lot. I stopped watching the show out of disgust and boredom years ago, so it's like rediscovering an old friend.

I spent much of today too ill for much of anything. I have to sleep tonight.


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Tags: analog life, characters, deadliest catch, good tv, insomnia, paper, plot, project runway, spring, the tindalos asset, weather, writing

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