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"The deep end, the deep end. People talk a lot, but they don't know."

An overcast first half of the day, but then we got the sun back and a lot of the clouds left. But it stayed sorta cool. I'm not sure what the high was. It's currently 62˚F.

Kathryn and I finished our read-through of The Tindalos Asset (pp. 83-144). Tomorrow, I have to spend the day with all the line edits, plus minor continuity issues and some scenes that need to be slightly longer. Hopefully, I can do all that in a day. Today, out of the blue, my enthusiasm for this or any other fiction project vanished again, I lost all perspective, and the more Spooky read the less I was sure I hadn't fucked this whole thing up. And if I did, line editing ain't gonna help. I remember when I used to believe in my talent, when I was not perpetually plagued by self doubt and second guessing. That was up until about 2013. These last six years, I've been flying blind. Anyway, I'll do what I can do.

I pushed back the gunk in my head long enough to get dressed and go to the market with Spooky, just so i could say I left the house. Whee.

Last night, we watched David Lowery's The Old Man and the Gun (2018), a thoroughly charming film for Robert Redford to declare his last. Also, we finished Season One of The Connors, which I really liked a lot. In which we learn that Roseanne Barr was always just sucking the air out of every scene. I'm especially pleased with Lecy Goransen (Original Becky). Glad to see it's been renewed for a second, longer season.


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