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Howard Hughes and the Cat With Puppy Ears

Not a bad day, though it suffers in comparison to yesterday. There was more of chill in the air, I think. we hardly broke 60˚F, and there was an unpleasant breeze. Currently, it's 49˚F, with the windchill at 46˚F. We're promised we'll see 65˚F on Wednesday, and I hope we do.

I wrote 1,170 words on The Tindalos Asset. And I signed contracts for a French translation of Agents of Dreamland, contracts I was supposed to have signed back in February. I looked at more cover layouts for Subterranean Press. I received a letter from the Library of Congress informing me that my claim of copyright on The Chartreuse Alphabet has been registered.

There are a few books up on eBay, so please have a look. And Spooky has new necklaces in her Etsy shop, as well.

After work, I went with Spooky to Target, and that was the most ambitious bit of walking I've done since the toenail got ripped off three weeks ago.

I'm giving myself a day off work tomorrow to go out to Leeds and do laundry at my mother's. It really, really, really needs doing.


3:20 p.m.
Tags: agents of dreamland, another toenail, colder weather, contracts, copyright, foreign editions, french, leeds, mom, outside, selwyn, shut in, subterranean press, the chartreuse alphabet, the tindalos asset

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