greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

Dodging the Bullet

So, the storms didn't happen. We got lucky. Just a little wind, some clouds, and a gorgeous double rainbow at sunset, though I don't think it actually rained. But I didn't go outside, so I might be mistaken. We made it to 74˚F. Currently, it's 71˚F.

Not such a good day with the book. I hardly managed 200 words, and I'm not sure they're usable.

But Spooky has a new necklace in her Etsy shop. Have a look.

Oh, I also talked to Bill at SubPress about cover art and with someone at Writers House and also to Jerad at Centipede Press, so...that was today.

And we finished the rewatch of MadMen last night. I almost forgot to mention that.


1:34 p.m.
Tags: bill, centipede press, cover art, good tv, mad men, plesiosaurs, spooky, subpress, writers house

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