greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

Howard Hughes and the Chilly Return

Winter decided we needed more winter. Not that you get all that much winter here, but...cold is cold. I woke to a freeze warning that last until 11 a.m., and now we're under another freeze warning until 11 a.m. tomorrow morning. Currently, it's 34˚F, with the windchill at 28˚F. But at least we didn't get the eight inches of snow that Providence got last night. Oh, and the sun came back this afternoon, which helped.

Today was a reading and line edit day. Spooky read a huge chunk of the ms. of The Tindalos Asset (pp. 31-77), that is what there is of it, and I did line editing. To my great relief, Spooky likes what she saw.

I think that tomorrow we're gonna go out to Leeds, to visit my mom and do some laundry. And give me more time to think about how to find THE END of this thing.

There was an unexpected royalty check, most of it from Centipede Press, and that was a good thing, too.


2:48 p.m.
Tags: centipede press, colder weather, lleds, mom, money, providence, spooky, spring, the tindalos asset, trees

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