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inside a broken clock

Thursday night's rather freakish east-to-west moving storm took a heavy toll on Atlanta trees, and now I feel bad for having enjoyed the thunder and lightning and wind and rain. It's dumb, I know. It hints at superstition and misapplications of causality, guilt like that. But I have a reverence for trees, especially old deciduous trees, and I can still remember some witless relative or another telling me I shouldn't ever wish for snow, because if it snowed, some people would freeze to death and some others would die in car accidents. So, when it did snow, well, the math is fairly simple. You do it. Late yesterday, while we were gathering the supplies for Kid Night, we saw so many enormous old trees that had come down, great bunches of roots ripped from the earth and clumps of red-orange clay clinging to them. Tree removal trucks all over the place. Chainsaws (one of the ugliest sounds in the world). And, of course, mostly people are concerned about the damage the falling trees did, not the dead trees themselves. Anyway...

Yesterday, I wrote 1,090 words on "Noah's Raven," though I'm not entirely sure I've begun this story the right way or in the right place or from the perspective I wish to tell it from. I guess I'll figure that out today. We didn't get any of Daughter of Hounds read, because I'd only planned to write for two hours, and then I wrote for four and a half. Hopefully, I'll get to that today. DoH, I mean. If I'm going to delay finishing the novel, I have to keep to the plan, get it read, get all these other things done. No improvising.

For Kid Night, we watched The Qautermass Xperiment (released in the States as The Creeping Unknown), because I've been craving more Val Guest since we watched The Day the Earth Caught Fire, and then we followed it with Rudolph Maté and George Pal's When World's Collide. A perfect Kid Night double feature. And, of course, there was also Final Fantasy X-2 after that. Paine is much dradder as a black mage than a warrior. So, good and much needed Kid Night this week.

Revenge of the Sith will be playing next week at the Fox Theatre, and lots of people will be going in costume. Nar'eth wants to go, just to represent and all, but I kinda think she's going to have to sit this one out. More's the frelling pity.

My thanks to Joel Stanley for teaching me to stop worrying and learn to love, I mean "intelligent design." All it took was a Flying Spaghetti Monster. I'll take His noodly appendage over some old white dude with a handful of clay any day.

And, please, have a look at our eBay auctions, some of which are ending today, I think. No one's bid on that copy of In the Garden of Poisonous Flowers yet. You know it's out of print, right? And you know Dame Darcy did the artwork, and this copy's signed by the both of us, right? You know Gahan Wilson gave it a great review in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, yeah? Indeed, I love this book so much that when Gigi Edgley asked for one of my books, this is the one that I gave her. So, you better bid. You'll be sorry if you don't. Trust me. I know about these things. I also know about the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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