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Another mostly sunny day, but the humidity was very, very low, hovering around 23% most of the afternoon, and it felt cold, even though we made it up into the low sixties. And now the clouds are heading back and will be with us for days and days. We didn't make it back to the botanical gardens today.

But I did work. I did 583 words on The Tindalos Asset. It took me three hours, and it felt like I'd done 3,000 words. Hopefully, things will be less arduous tomorrow.

Last night, of course, we saw the season finale of True Detective. A brilliant, brave third season. I applaud Pizzolatto on the aggressively nonlinear narrative and for placing characterization and the problem of failing memory above simple storytelling. And Mahershala Ali's acting was superb. Season Three is now, I think, my second favorite, unseating Season Two.

Please have a look at the current eBay auctions. If you're gonna buy my books used, it's best to buy them from me. I sign 'em.


8:36 p.m.
Tags: colder weather, fossils, humidity, nic pizzolatto, paleontology, the tindalos asset, trilobites, true detective

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