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Snow Job

Despite the governor declaring a state of emergency, the only snow me and Spooky saw last night was Ned Stark's bastard (who, of course, wasn't really Ned Stark's bastard, but...). We do, however, have cold air. Currently, it's 28˚F, with the windchill at 22˚F.

I tried very hard to write again today. I barely managed 300 words.

We did finish Game of Thrones last night, and it was good seeing the whole thing like that. Well, the whole thing minus what is left to come. But I'll write about it when I'm in a better mood.


9:33 p.m. (last night)


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Alex Kenning
Jan. 30th, 2019 11:23 pm (UTC)
I read the first book and saw the first two or three episodes of the first season but really, I can't start watching it until it's over. I generally hate the waiting and the long breaks when it comes to TV and usually feel like it breaks me out of the mindset that I can receive the story. That being said, Twin Peaks: The Return was actually refreshing in that sense since our little group of like-mindeds would all gather at one house every week, watch, then spend the rest of the week theorising. But GoT is so long that I'll have to marathon it when it's actually finito.
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