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The sun came back yesterday, after an overcast, foggy morning, and it's still with us today. Currently, it's 45˚F.

Yesterday, we went to a matinée of Christian Rivers' Mortal Engines. If I'd only read a few reviews, I wouldn't have. But I'd been excited about this film since I saw the first teaser, which must have been two years ago. Unfortunately, it's likely the worst film I've seen in a theater in a long, long time. Wretched. Oh, sure, it's beautiful, a feast of amazing, gorgeous imagery. But that's all it is. Avoid this one. It's as hollow as hollow can be.

The beanie platypus auction ends early this afternoon. You've been warned.


2:49 p.m. (yesterday)
Tags: bad movies, fog, platypus beanies, sunshine, tftwp

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