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Rain Day

So, last night was a wild night on Red Mountain. At one point, the wind was blowing steady at 24mph and gusting to almost 40mph. And at 1 a.m., just as we were going to bed, the power went out. I heard a transformer blow. And the power is still out. I woke around 7 a.m. to the cold and the dark this morning (because these clouds seem determined to go nowhere soon) and headed out to Leeds to wait at Mom's for Alabama Power to get the lights on again.

Restless, tired from lack of sleep, bored, anxious about work that's not getting done, Kathryn and I went for a long drive after breakfast (from Jack's), from Leeds to Moody, past Branchville, all the way to Odenville. Nearer Leeds, we drove by a house where my paternal grandparents lived in the '70s, beside my Aunt Maybelle Aderholt's old house, and through the trailer park where my Uncle Walter "Cotton" Aderholt lived for a while (also in the '70s). Ghosts, everywhere.

Anyway, hopefully we'll be home again tonight.


9:47 a.m.
Tags: depression, driving, family, leeds, mom, moody, not enough sleep, odenville, rain, then vs. now

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